It was in 1981, when Steven Low (present M.D.) suggested to Max Yeoh, then the sole proprietor of Min Tek Trading, the idea of forming Vismart Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 077069-U) as a distribution house in Malaysia. At that time, most of the distribution companies were owned by foreigners, only a few adventurous locals would dare to venture into this field. Opportunities were aplenty then.

When we first started in early 1982, the main bulk of the business was in audio-visual products. It consisted of overhead, slide 16/35 mm movie & opaque projectors. In addition to these, we were also distributing OHP transparency, projection screen, lamps & related products.

Our business came into fruition in 1984, when we were given the opportunity to promote Texas Instrument ‘Children learning aids’. We were able to appoint many direct selling agents (independent) who went about promoting this range of products throughout the country. Business was brisk and most of the transactions were in CASH.

Before the TI learning aids’ outlived its product life cycle, our next big break were being introduced to Verbatim Corporation as their distributor in 1985. We knew diskettes would further enhance our future in the business, thus giving rise to other IT related products such as Colour monitor, Graphic cards, UPS, Hard disk Drive and many others added on to our product list. We are very grateful to Verbatim Corpn. who really give us all the motivation and support which we need to move up to higher level in the IT industry.

Today, we are operating out of our own 4 stories industrial cum warehouse building, having sales representatives in most of the states in the country. We have more than 60 dedicated staff to service the market. And is continuing to expand our market beyond the shore of Malaysia.

We are a people oriented company. A strong believer in in-house training. We encourage our staff to further their studies and pursue proper courses for their career advancement.

Most of our present managers are from rank & file. We believe everyone of our staff to be given an opportunity trying one’s ability and talents. Our managers are all rounder, product-wise.

Our main target is to work towards a RM50.0M annual sales company in the next few years. We are working continuously towards the day when the employees would be part-owners of the company.

We are not too far from this reality!

We strive to be respectable distributor of computer peripherals, computer related products and audio visual equipment in Malaysia and around ASEAN region.
We will up hold our responsibility to our employees, suppliers, associates and customers, who are the elements of our success, which, we believe that success must be shared to build a caring society.

We will increase new product lines into our existing staple on year basis.

We will continue to develop and train our staff to higher level of responsibility.

We will go up stream into manufacturing.

We will expand our business demographically and geographically into the branch operations and Asia-Pacific region.

We will acquire knowledge and expand the technical service aspect of the business into a renown service center.


We are caring, have sense of accomplishment and take pride in our company.

We ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality customer service and after sales service.

We ensure principal satisfaction by representing the brand whole heartedly.