Dual Aspect N-Screen is available for both front and rear projectors. Dual Aspect N-Screen catches lights and exhibits 1080p/1080i true color image in both sides. Optical Nano-Layer on Dual Aspect N-Screen improves color saturation, shadow levels, image definition and stability,  80 degree viewing angle in both sides, exhibits vision fidelity in ambient light.

Dual Aspect N-Screen presents brilliant image without interfered light form environments. Optical Nano-Layer absorbs alloy to reduce reflex and depolarization of light, prevents damage on eyes.

Dual Aspect N-Screen tolerates smoke, rain, sunlight, UV and resists dusts. Optical Nano-Layer is antistatic and waterproofing. Retractable N-Screen is operated by remote control or wire option.

rear projection screen : HDTV 16:9 format
available size: 72″D, 84″D, 100″D and 120″D

rear projection screen : NTSC 4:3 format
available size: 72″D, 84″D, 100″D and 120″D