A Combination of Evolution & Revolution

We challenged the Q Acoustics team to design a completely new range of loudspeakers that would better their previous achievements – the hugely successful and highly acclaimed ‘2000i’ Series. Coming from a fusion of both evolutionary and revolutionary thinking, the new range benefits from state-of-the-art design technology, as well as improvements to the cabinet construction derived from our ground breaking ‘Concept’ models. Beautiful to behold, and available in five attractive finishes, the new Q Acoustics 3000 Series are simply astonishingly good loudspeakers.

The Perfect Soundstage for Movies and Music

Being Q Acoustics loudspeakers, they don’t just deliver fantastic home cinema sound. Every new 3000 Series model is also an outstanding, genuine hi-fi loudspeaker. So the 3000 home cinema pack, comprising 3090C Centre, 3070S Subwoofer and 2 x pairs of 3010 is also your best choice if you want to enjoy wonderful musical performances.



Q Acoustics 3010: The Ultra Compact Bookshelf Speaker

The Q Acoustics 3010 is suitable for both hi-fi music and home cinema use and is an ideal match for the 3090C centre speaker and 3070S subwoofer. The 3010 can also be stand or wall mounted, using the dedicated 3000ST stand or 3000WB wall bracket.




Award-Winning Home Cinema Experience

The 3010 bookshelf speakers are the heart of the 3000 Series 5.1 System. Combine two pairs of the 3010s, a centre channel and subwoofer and you have an instant home cinema package.






HiFi or Home Cinema?



The 3010s Have it Covered.

The 3010 is suitable for both hi-fi music and home cinema with the addition of a centre speaker and a subwoofer, both which are available from the 3000 range. An ideal match is the 3090C centre speaker and 3070S subwoofer. The 3010s can also be stand or wall mounted, using the dedicated 3000ST stand or 3000WB wall brackets that have been developed by Q Acoustics to achieve the ultimate audio response from the 3010 bookshelf speakers.







Punchy & Agile Sound

At the heart of the 3010 are new drive units. Starting at the top, the new Ring Dome tweeter provides a more accurate response, for precise reproduction of even the most subtle aspects of music. The tweeter unit is decoupled from the rest of the cabinet, meaning that it isn’t affected by vibration from the bass unit. Reducing vibration in the cabinet is extremely important in delivering the purest sound. A marked improvement from the 3000 series predecessor is the new Aramid fibre/paper woofer cone is light, rigid, and helps give the 3010s their punchy, agile sound quality.






Q Acoustics 3020: The Award-Winning Bookshelf Loudspeaker

download-1 3020



Sound Quality

3020 speakers provide a vivid sound stage with clear mids, punchy bass and an interesting emphasis on the instruments. Every little detail in the audio is audible with these speakers. Although, that does not necessarily mean you will always need high bitrate audio. The speakers have an intrinsic characteristic to not enhance anything undesirable making it play low bit rate audio quite well. One can get decent audio from a low quality mp3, but having a better audio source will definitely pay off.






The Prodigy’s latest effort The Day is my Enemy on both FLAC and vinyl is not exactly the sort of recording you are going to hear at a hifi show but the 3020 manages to make the best of it and deliver the energy and the drive that the album has while managing to bypass the worst of the compression and jagged edges. Many of these speakers are going to find themselves fed a diet of compressed music- both at the mastering and delivery stage- and they are able to maintain their composure admirably as the quality drops.









Q Acoustics 3050: Floorstanding Speaker

The flagship speaker of the 3000 Series

3050-2           3050-1          3050-3          3050-5

Boxing clever

The 3050 is not a small loudspeaker, standing one metre tall, and it weighs almost 18kg apiece. Compared with its predecessor – a sample of which I have to hand – it’s a significant advance in styling terms. Its softer, cleaner design gives it a more ‘designed’ look, as if its creators have put some thought into how it looks in a room.

Sound Quality

Placed in free space away from boundaries and with the ports open, I began by using a classic ‘reference’ integrated amplifier (an Orelle Evo 100), alongside Denon and Creek examples for variety. However, the 3050 quickly became so entertaining that I also tried it on the end of my reference Linn/Naim system and was shocked by how well it picked up on the improvement in sound quality. It has bass power that would almost be sufficient for home theatre programme, but the stereo sound is also exuberant, dynamic and well paced.

Adjustable Spikes for Speaker Stability

Available in five striking finishes, the 3050s will not only enhance, but compliment your chosen environment and ensure these beautifully designed and engineered floorstanding speakers work for you. Choose from Lacquered Gloss Black, Lacquered Gloss White, Matte Graphite, American Walnut and finally, ‘Leather effect’.

Deep & Powerful Dynamics

The flagship 3050 floorstanding speakers are the perfect loudspeaker for larger rooms. They boast the ultra-low levels of distortion, typically found in speakers costing three or four times their price. Not surprisingly; as a result they deliver truly unrivalled sound quality thanks to improved twin Aramid Fibre/Paper cone drivers as well as new twin woofer units, which deliver bass dynamics which are effortlessly deep & powerful.



Q Acoustics 3090C: Centre Channel Home Cinema Speaker

Perfect acoustic match with all 3000 Series speakers


A centre channel speaker with two of the new 100mm, Aramid Fibre/Paper cone bass drivers, and the new 3000 Series wide dispersion, ‘2 in 1’, Concentric Ring Dome high frequency unit. The 3090C acoustically matches and complements any of the 3000 Series models.

Removable rear port bungs means it can deliver its outstanding, seamless performance whether it is bookshelf, stand mounted or wall mounted by using the dedicated 3000WB wall bracket.

Technical Specifications:

  • Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
  • Bass Unit: 2 x 100mm
  • Treble Unit: 25mm
  • Frequency Response: 75Hz – 22kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 6ohm
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Recommended Power: 25 – 100w
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.7kHz
  • Dimensions H/D/W mm: 150 x 200 x 430
  • Weight: 6kg



3070S: Superior Subwoofer for Music and Movies

The foundation of any 5.1 or 2.1 system

3070sglossblack_1_1  3070-banner1    3070-banner10

This powerful, 140watts rms, twin 170mm drive unit subwoofer will bring the full explosive majesty of blockbuster movie soundtracks into the living room.

Naturally, being a Q Acoustics design, it will also accurately reproduce the fast ‘twang’ and detail of a double bass or any other low frequency musical notes. That’s why Q Acoustics is the best choice for both music and movies.


Speaker Stands and Wall Brackets

3000ST: Speaker Stand


The 3000ST speaker stand is designed specifically for the 3010 and 3020 loudspeakers. precision laser-cut steel construction and acoustic wadding inserts ensure quality and performance to complement the loudspeakers.



  • Integral cable management
  • Acoustic wadding inserts within columns
  • Textured satin finish
  • Top plates for the 3010 and 3020 loudspeakers included


Colors available:

  • Black and White


3000WB: Wall Bracket


The 3000WB Wall Bracket is a unique ‘Tilt and Turn’ loudspeakers bracket. It’s adjusted via a single Allen bolt and allows the 3010, 3020 and 3090C models to be mounted almost flat to the wall or angled down and/or sideways.

For a perfect visual finish, each bracket comes complete with both black and white bottom covers. It’s simple to use, offers flexible positioning and looks great.



  • ‘Tilt and Turn’ loudspeakers bracket
  • Mount speakers almost flat to the wall or angled down and/or sideways