Reversa Eclipse II is designed for the superior projection environment such as Control Rooms and Retail Windows where the most demanding clarity and contrast are required. Visually it is the darkest of our screens and this provides an extraordinary contrast ratio of 200:1 with a gain of 5.0 and a viewing angle of 175 degrees.

As well as the picture quality it works in all light conditions making it ideal for outdoor use, from big screen sporting events to publicity, concerts to exhibitions, TV sets to window displays. Where others fail the Eclipse II shines through. Not forgetting in darker conditions you get an image on both sides for real reversibility.

Due to its low light saturation Reversa recommends the Eclipse Range for retail windows. Available in the following 4:3 sizes : 50; 67; 84; 100; 120 and 134 inch – custom sizes and 16:9 also available.