Reversa Highgain with a screen gain of 7.9 and viewing angles of up to 165 degrees Highgain is just that—very bright.

Reversa Highgain fits perfectly in nightclub and bar settings where brightness is key to gaining attention.

All of our products are waterproof, because we use no films or coatings. As a result, Reversa Highgain is outstanding for video waterfalls or even more creatively, a Vodka-fall in night clubs and bars where drinks can be taken right off a highly visible image for a effect like no other.

  • Super bright 7.9 gain screen
  • High viewing angles
  • Great for Bars, Night Clubs and Bowling Alleys

Available in the following 4:3 sizes : 50; 67; 84; 100; 120 and 134 inch – custom sizes and 16:9 also available.