Verbatim SSD (Code: SSD)

USB sticks are very versatile, but when we need to transfer rate, can be a torture for being too slow. Especially if you’re talking about several gigabytes. A good alternative is to take the PCI Express Card slot of laptops available to some. Port is a faster and is plug & play. That is, you can just plug a device to start functioning. Verbatim takes time and storage systems manufactured in solid state (SSD) to seize the port Express Card. The last representative of this range of cards reaches negligible capacity of 64 Gb.

The Express Card SSD Verbatim plug directly into the PCI slot of the laptop and are perfectly integrated into the housing. In some models may not be as easy as removing an USB, but at least we have no pinganillo hanging laptop. What is important is that the speed of reading and writing the card theoretically is five times greater than USB 2.0. Specifically, 120 MB / sec read and 30 MB / sec write.

The Express Card are also prepared with a software called ReadyBoost which allows storage space not used to improve computer performance on computers with operating system Windows Vista. Also bring the suite of Nero BackItUp 4 Essential to automate backups. The cards measure 74 × 25×5 mm and are available in capacities of 16, 32 and 64 Gb, which is the latest model.