Vismart principal activities are in the marketing and distribution of various audio-visual equipment, computer media supplies and computer peripheral products throughout Malaysia and expanding toward the whole ASEAN region. Vismart provide a vital supply chain link for our suppliers and dealers in the audio-visual, IT, hypermarket, stationery and general dealers. We create value in the market by extending the reach of our suppliers products and services by generating new market, developing and capturing market shares, offering credit facilities and providing technical repairs and services.

Our distributionship of products includes Verbatim Diskette, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, portable HDD, USB drive, mouse, Solid State Drive and Magneto optical ; Draper screens Targa, Salara, Star, Rolleramic, Oynx, Baronet, Premier, Ultimate folding screens, Luma, Luma 2, Cineflex Cinefold, Consul, Diplomat and Cineperm ; Optoma Projectors HD65, HD82, EP1691, EP726S, EP728, ES526, EX536, EX330 & EX525ST ; EZ Screens Fixed screen, Tripod screen, Motorised screen and Wireless Presenter ; Megapower Desktop Presenter ; Onic Language Lab; Reversa Aura360; Clarity, Eclipse II and Highgain ; BTC Emprex Keyboard and mouse ; Tomato flash drive; Teac drive ; Seagate HDD ; Fujitsu Harddisk ; Chimei 22ED, 22QD; 95ED, 95QD and 24EH.

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